We will take over the process of recording your transactions and maintaining your bookkeeping records off-site, all you have to do is provide us with the monthly statements and receipts and we will keep your books up to date and provide you with periodic reports. 

Ongoing bookkeeping services can include:

Based on the review of your records, you may need to cleanup your books. We will make all of the needed adjustments for the current year to get your records up to date and accurate.Having accurate bookkeeping records will make it easy for your CPA or Tax Preparer to prepare your tax return.


If you already have an accounting software in place, we will review your records and let you know of any strengths and weak points in your books to help you improve your record keeping. 

A review can also be done on a monthly, quarterly, or annually basis. If you like to track and enter your own transactions, but want to make sure everything is being entered correctly we can do that for you. On a monthly or quarterly basis we will go into your books and reconcile your bank and credit card accounts to make sure there are no discrepancies. If you only want your records reviewed on an annually basis, we can look over your books and make the needed changes at the end of the year before you have your tax return prepared. 


  • Entering all Monthly Financial Transactions
  • Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts
  • Managing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Processing, Paying, and Preparing Bills for Mailing
  • Invoicing Customers
  • Processing and Making Deposits
  • Tracking Inventory



If you are not currently using an accounting software to track your income and expenses, or you want to switch to a different accounting software, we will setup your new accounting software along with the chart of accounts and all transactions back to the beginning of the current year.

If you are hiring employees or you are paying too much for other payroll services, we can process your payroll for you. We will also make payroll tax deposits and prepare the quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and W-2s.

If you have any independent contractors, we will prepare the needed 1099s and file the needed forms with the government.


​Firefly Bookkeeping & Tax

We will prepare your tax return to get the lowest possible tax liability. If you qualify for any deductions or credits we will make sure you are claiming everything you qualify for. 

We can prepare the following types of returns along with any supplemental forms and schedules and any state return:

  • 1040 - Individual
  • 1120 - Corporation
  • 1120S - S-Corporation
  • 1065 - Partnership/LLC
  • 1041 - Trust/Estate



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